What to Eat To Stay Healthy | Rehan Riaz Merchant

According to prominent fitness expert the main purpose of eating is to provide the right fuel for your body to perform efficiently. Even when losing weight, you should still be eating a balanced diet.

Getting to know what your nutritional needs are, the role of different food groups and what constitutes a balanced diet makes good sense for your health: it can help you to adopt a nutritious diet and also to manage your weight.


The principle of healthy eating is balance: ensuring you eat the right amounts of carbohydrate, protein and fat from a variety of foods which provide essential vitamins and minerals. rehan Riaz Merchant advises that Complex carbohydrates (such as wholemeal bread, cereals, pasta, brown rice and potatoes) should make up the largest part of your diet. The next largest source of food should be vegetables and fruit, preferably raw or lightly cooked. Meat and dairy products are important for protein, but can be high in fat and so should be eaten in moderation. Finally, foods high in fats and sugars such as biscuits, cakes and chocolate, should be eaten sparingly.


During your life there will be periods when your nutritional and calorie requirements have to adjust or change in response to different demands made upon the body. Childhood It is vital to understand the nutritional needs of a growing child. Infants and young children require energy for growth and so can eat more calorie-rich food than adults. Apart from children being generally more physically active, a child’s metabolic rate is